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YouTube Music and YouTube Premium: these are the new streaming services that will arrive in Spain
So far, YouTube's only payment service was mp3 YouTube Red, which allowed access to the platform's original series, as well as Google Play Music's non-advertising service. Now, YouTube has announced two new services: YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. We are going with all its novelties.

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium: the two new services
YouTube Premium is the successor of YouTube Red, while YouTube Music is the service that was created to compete with other streaming music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. This service will cost $ 9.99 per month, and will offer music without ads, the ability to listen to music in the background, and download songs.

On the other hand, there is YouTube Premium, which offers everything from Music, but it adds the possibility of viewing all the videos of the platform without ads, playing in the background, downloading, and accessing YouTube originals. The price of this service will be $ 11.99 per month. Thus, the content is the same as that currently offered by YouTube Red, so it is just a name change. Current users of YouTube Red will continue to pay $ 10, while new users will have to pay $ 11.99.

YouTube Music Premium will be the payment service, but there will also be a free version with ads in a similar way to what we currently find with Spotify, but more complete since the latter limits us to a few playlists.

 YouTube tests the 'incognito mode' in its mobile app
YouTube tests the 'incognito mode' in its mobile app
Both services will arrive throughout the year to Spain
Initially, YouTube Premium will be available next May 22 in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea. Subsequently, throughout the year will reach European countries, among which we find Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

In case you want to know when you are going to arrive in your country, YouTube has created a section in which you can enter your email and your country so that you receive an alert as soon as they know the date on which it will be available.

Currently, more than 1,000 million people listen to music on YouTube per month, being one of the most comfortable ways that users have to discover new songs because anyone can share them. Around 2 million artists upload their songs and video clips to the platform, being a way to get known to the world.

With YouTube Music we will have access to official songs, entire albums, thousands of playlists, remixes, live performances, covers, and video clips; a selection of content that can not be found on other platforms. This service will also come along with a new mobile application to optimize the listening experience, as well as a PC player.
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